Yale University has long been a premier center for inquiry into Western History, but it is also teeming with resources related to social and natural sciences in the American West, as well as various F&ES centers and programs focused on environmental problem solving.

Yale F&ES Resources

  • Ucross High Plains Stewardship Initiative: The Ucross High Plains Stewardship Initiative (UHPSI) is a research group working out of Dr. Chad Oliver’s Landscape Management Lab at FES. Much of our work is focused on a 22,000 acre working cattle ranch in northern Wyoming, where we seek to provide quantitative, science-based solutions to issues of rangeland management, and share our findings locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. With a network of ranching and conservation partners in Wyoming, devoted faculty, full-time research staff, and master’s students working on independent study, research assistantships, and theses, UHPSI is a dynamic and engaging outlet for western studies at Yale. Website | Facebook
  • The Yale Large Carnivore Group: A diverse group of Yale University affiliates and cooperators whose goal is to facilitate coexistence between people and carnivores in practical, cultural, ecological and policy-wise ways. Website
  • The Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy: One of the themes for YCELP is a focus on the American west. A reading group on the topic is underway for Fall 2015 (see details below), and a follow-up group will convene for Spring 2016 (details TBD). An ambitious speaker series that will feature policy experts from the western states will launch in 2016 and bring 8-10 high-profile speakers to campus over the course of the 2016-2017 year. These lectures will be open to the entire Yale community, and students at YLS and FES will have additional opportunities to interact with speakers through smaller group meetings, lunches, and receptions. Website

Yale Humanities Resources

  • Howard R. Lamar Center for the Study of Frontiers and Borders: Established to further the advanced historical study of North American frontiers and borders, as well as the comparative study of the frontier experience throughout the world…The Center’s principal priority is the support of graduate study in the departments of History and American Studies at Yale University by providing grants for dissertation research on topics relating to the Center’s scholarly interests, by sponsoring talks and workshops by scholars. Website
  • Western Americana Library Collection: Housed in the Beinecke Library, this world-renowned collection of Western history chronicles Native American, European, and American settlement and exploration from Mexico to the Arctic Circle. Website
  • Yale Environmental History: Promotes research and teaching at Yale on the complex historical relationship between people and the environment…Yale’s environmental history faculty and curriculum are enhanced by departmental strengths in History of Science and Medicine and the American West, as well as related academic programs across the university campus. Website
  • Yale Group for the Study of Native America: Interdisciplinary working group interested in topics relating to Native America. It has become Yale’s overarching graduate student as well as scholarly working group dedicated to study of Native American and Indigenous peoples. Website

Additional Resources

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